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OrganiZATOR v 7.

New version 7.3.1 of OrganiZATOR for Windows.

Enjoy the characteristics of a tool that surely will change some of yours concepts about the way to manage the information.

A powerful distributed database; a personal scheduler; an email client, and all that you need for work in a group and communicate inside your company, business or department. Whether if you works in a single personal, isolated computer, like in a connected working group by means of an intranet (LAN) with other hardware, this it is the tool that you was waiting.

Dot Donateware version  [1].

Dot This version 7.3.1 is fully functional, with no time or installation limits. But keep in mind that this version is NOT compatible with Windows XP and earlier.

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Dot Complete online user's guide.

: This version 7.3.1 is compatible with earlier versions of OrganiZATOR, but we strongly recommend that before installing it, make a full backup of the data and files from the previous version. If you choose to install in the directory of a previous installation, using the option of keeping your data, OrganiZATOR will perform automatically an update to the previous databases, to suit the characteristics of the new version, when accessing them the first time.


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[1]  Pay at yours discretion and possibilities if you find OrganiZATOR useful, and/or want to collaborate in further development of the project..